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Camey has always had a passion for supporting individuals, families and communities. She was inspired to work with Early Childhood Family Education in the belief that parents are creating resilient individuals of the future.  She also worked with The Cornerstone Group as the Service Coordinator for low-income housing where her focus was to provide on-site services to build strength in residents, their families and the community as a whole.  

She collaborated with various School Districts, Police Departments, The YMCA, Family Collaborative, Early Childhood Education, and various organizations whose vision was to empower residents to be the best version of themselves.  To follow her passion and commitment to empower others, and live by that philosophy, she began her quest for various methodologies that provide tools and technologies that create the opportunity for her and others to reduce stress, improve the capacity to self-regulate thoughts, emotions, and behaviors while building personal strength that leads to strong empowered individuals, families and community members.

Camey is a HeartMath® Certified Mentor. She chose this organization for its scientifically validated tools and technologies to build resilience in adults, children and families, as well as businesses. She was also impressed that these technologies and tools have been used with first responders, school districts, and military organizations to help them deal with stressful life situations. She mentors individuals or small groups by sharing the tools and technologies that break down the resilience building process in a very applicable way. 

Camey is a Registered Yoga Teacher with “Yoga Alliance,” with a long practice in the field of physical conditioning. She has always been an exercise enthusiast, an aerobic instructor/personal trainer for many years and has been a practitioner of various methods of physical conditioning over the last three decades. Her search to find balance in life while being physically fit led her in the path of Yoga, where she came to the realization that we can obtain mental well-being while working on physical conditioning. 

Yoga has helped Camey overcome back and shoulder pain, provided strength, balance and flexibility, and taught her to live life with a more relaxed state of mind. Because of the benefits that she received from yoga and her desire to contribute to the physical and mental well-being of others, she decided to take advanced yoga training, exceeding the training credits required for certification by more than double. She is committed to the practice of Yoga and the study of stress reduction and personal well-being.  

"There's a difference between knowing the path and walking the path."


  • HeartMath® Mentor License 
  • Hatha Yoga 
  • Yoga Alliance 
  • Yoga bonding – postnatal and infant yoga
  • Yoga Calm
  • JAI Prenatal
  • Adult CPR


  • HeartMath® Coach/Mentor Program 
  • Minneapolis Yoga Center/varies teachers and studies
  • Gary Kraftsow – Viniyoga
  • Tias Little
  • Nischala Joy Devi
  • Doug Swenson
  • Jeddah Mali 
  • Shiva Rea 
  • Lisa Bergly
  • Rod Stryker
  • Swami Jaidev Bharati

 Camey’s intent is to allow each individual to experience balance and harmony physically, mentally and emotionally by tailoring her teachings to meet the goals of her clients.


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