class Description

In the Gentle Flow class that I teach, I encourage everyone to listen to their bodies and to trust their judgment.  I often use yoga therapy techniques that offer different adaptation to the Asanas so that everyone can work with in their level. I emphasize that each movement be done in harmony with the breath, allowing people to move with complete awareness.  I also use blocks and belts when necessary or use the wall to help people balance.  I incorporate some of the Tibetan Asanas to warm the body, verses always using the traditional Sun Salutations.  I like to use soft relaxing music and lighting during class and I end class talking you through a guided relaxation, called Savasana. At the end of class, I share a thought that encourages students to consider how their perceptions, beliefs and attitudes impact their well being.

There are many types of yoga from therapeutic to hot power yoga.  I encourage everyone to try yoga and to find the teacher that is right for you.


Please join me in creating mindfulness and Wellness

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