"All change begins with a shift in consciousness." 
- Deepak Chopra 

How is building resilience different from other stress reducing Techniques?

Most others focus on a form of relaxation.  That’s why most people don’t use them; they don’t take time to relax or they find it difficult to apply their relaxation techniques to their lives.  The HeartMath System is designed to build awareness and mindfulness of how you are living day to day. It gives you self-regulation tools to respond skillfully in times of difficulty or joy.  These are tools that are intended to be used whether you’re relaxed or in the middle of a code blue.  The intention is to use these tools and techniques within your daily life.

Did you know that when you’re feeling overwhelmed, anxious, anger, fear, or frustration your heart puts out a disordered heartbeat? How does this affect your performance, relationships and body?

This disordered heart rhythm pattern is like a traffic jam in your mind and emotions, and drains your physical energy.  It inhibits your ability to access the higher thinking part of your brain.  We’ve all heard or said, “ I’m so stressed out I can’t think…I can’t take in one more thing.” It’s true your mind is in a “Traffic Jam.”  It’s difficult to move forward.  You become reactive and are unable to bring the best version of yourself to your work or to your relationships. It’s a vicious circle of unregulated mental and emotional activity, which can leave you feeling powerless. 

Did you know that when you choose to focus on feelings of appreciation, kindness, care, and love your mind, heart and emotions come into a coherent pattern? Why is Coherence important?

When you learn to bring yourself into a more coherent state you avoid overwhelm, energy drain, uncontrolled reactions, and are better prepared to handle life events. Coherence is when your heart intelligence, emotional intelligence and brain intelligence are in alignment.  It is a physiological state that reduces stress and provides greater access to the higher thinking parts of your brain and intuitive intelligence. It empowers you with a greater sense of alignment, harmony and connection with your heart’s intuitive intelligence.  

Did you know that you could transform stress into greater energy, better health and a more fulfilling life?  

Working constructively with your intense emotions instead of repressing your feelings allows you to learn how to minimize their impact without denying them. When you learn to identify sources of stress and energy drain through self-awareness, and apply the tools to live from a more coherent place, you can quiet the inner noise resulting from the normal stream of unregulated mental and emotional activity. Giving you a greater sense of alignment, harmony and connection with the heart’s intuitive intelligence.  One of the greatest benefits of becoming resilient is you are empowered to create an environment that requires less of a need to continually bounce back from a derailed stress reaction. Become more mindful of your inner state and have the tools to prepare for and adapt to situations.  It puts you in the driver’s seat of life and removes you from the roller coaster of emotional reaction.  You are empowered to be open and create new ideas and new ways of solving problems.

Individual Session 

You will receive personalized instructions on basic HeartMath®  Techniques with a personal handbook to help focus on the effective integration and application of the HeartMath system to the area of your life where you want the most benefit.  We will work together to learn the scientifically validated system that is easy to learn and easy to use.  It will require multiple one-hour sessions, by telephone or Skype.  These visits are most effective when spaced seven to ten days apart. Contact me for further information.   

Group Sessions:

This system can be taught in a group session to a minimum of four people and maximum of ten people. The advantage of learning in a group session is the sharing and learning from others while creating a supportive community.  The cost per person is considerably less in a group setting.  If you have a group and are interested in a group session, please contact me for further information.

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