“ I have found that the yoga class helps me get into better contact with who I am both mentally and physically.  I find that my balance is getting much better, my stress levels are reduced significantly and that I am very relaxed at the end of class.  I look forward to coming to class.” - Don R.


"Camey is a super great instructor.  Very kind, and calm, and great at what she does.  Remembers almost all our names, and she has a lot of people she teaches.  I have been in her "Gentle Flow," Yoga class for about 3 years now.  I just love it.  I look forward to it each week.  It meets in a very nice building in Eden Prairie.  It is a very large room, and we have a lot of room to spread out.
Camey is so knowledgeable about Yoga.  It just shows every night I come.  She made me feel welcome right away when I was new.  Camey reminds us all to "listen to our bodies," so as not to push us to hard.  I like that.  Good advice.  She incorporates new moves and poses each week, so it is never boring.  There is a good atmosphere amongst all of us taking the class.  The ending of the class is always very relaxing, with a nice message she reads to us.  This is very motivating.
Camey also gets back to people via the internet, or phone, right away.  Very prompt and helpful. I highly recommend this class to everyone!!"  - Amy F.

"Taking HeartMath resilience training with Camey was a wonderful opportunity to discover how science (our mind) and emotions (our heart) interact with one another. After years of attempting to “control” my thoughts and emotions without great success—I was able to learn how to recognize stressful triggers and use the heart coherence techniques to reach a healthier state of living. 
Camey made the training simple by discussing each lesson and using personal and visual examples for me to easily understand the process and how to apply the different techniques throughout my daily life. She demonstrated the process of learning the simple techniques (breathing and visualization) and practiced them with me so that I could easily grasp the “correct” way to do it on my own. Even though I could feel the difference emotionally, the best part was using the emwave to practice the techniques and immediately “see” the results to reaffirm that I was actually succeeding! I not only feel that I’ve been able to build up resilience but empowered by the fact that I have the tools to reach coherence and remain in a calmer state of mind. I carry the HeartMath grid on a small notecard to visually remind myself to use the skills that I have learned if I do fall back on my practicing. I would recommend the training for anyone that struggles to achieve a relaxed or calm state of mind."   - Denise W.

"I have taken yoga classes from Camey Martinez, for many years through Eden Prairie Community Center. I have taken yoga for a number of years, and with several other instructors.
Camey is the most professional, caring and qualified teacher I have taken from. She always makes sure that you do what you are able to do. If you are having some issues, she is able to help you modify positions which you may have trouble doing, because of various physical issues. She is never intimidating and is always encouraging.
Camey has a very soothing and gentle manor. I always feel relaxed and calm when I leave her classes. I have recommended her class to several of my friends. They all agree, that she is the best!
I will definitely continue to take classes from her, as long as I am able to. 
Thank you Camey."  - Joni R.

"Camey is an exceptional Yoga Instructor as well as an amazingly talented individual! I’ve been a student in her Gentle Yoga class for many years. I find Camey to be extremely knowledgeable, compassionate, caring, warm, and personable. Her teaching method is a perfect combination of instruction and monitoring.  Camey works well with all personality types and levels of abilities. She individualizes poises in a very nonthreatening and nonjudgmental way especially when she senses a student needing modification. Camey is always approachable and has such a nurturing and positive demeanor. I feel so lucky our paths have crossed." - Donna F.

"I look forward to Camey's class every week.  She is caring and supportive while challenging you to do a bit more.  She creates a non-judgmental atmosphere that sets you up for growth in your practice."  - Wendy J.

"Camey's Gentle Flow Yoga classes are the gem of the southwest. I feel so lucky to have them offered nearby. Camey's expertise and teaching style are top notch. I am gaining flexibility, physical strength and a more positive outlook."  - Marlys J. 

"I have been thinking about the HeartMath resiliency training and how it helped me.  The biggest benefit I noticed after the training was the ability to experience an emotion and acknowledge it without being consumed by the emotion.  I was able to feel the sadness and sense of loss after my dog died but at the same time I redirected my conscious attention to feel gratitude that we had 11 wonderful years together.  This was a huge contrast to the overwhelming grief and depression I experienced after my previous dog died. 
The heart-centered breathing and inner ease techniques were very helpful during my busy workday. I used them to manage my stress at work especially in situations where the people around me were very anxious.  
Reflecting back on my mentoring from Camey I am motivated to revisit the diagrams and worksheets to brush up on the HeartMath practice, especially as I am considering a career change.
Camey, thank you for providing me with the opportunity to incorporate these techniques into my toolbox to help live with more ease! You are a patient and motivating mentor."  - Rachel S.

"Gentle Flow Yoga came into my life at a time when I was feeling a slew of health challenges.  The practice has brought me not only physical reassurance, but also a peace of mind.  I feel Camey has equipped me with tools to better confront the daily world.  From flow Asanas to breath-work, and with some isometrics thrown in, I always feel refreshed and stronger by the end of class.  I would enthusiastically recommend Gentle Flow Yoga to all and sundry."  - Mary K. M.

"Camey is a compassionate yoga instructor, teaching you about your body, mind and heart.  Her weekly classes are well planned and never the same."   -Kath F. 


"I have been taking Camey's Gentle Flow Yoga class for 2 1/2 years. One of my goals when retiring was to get into a yoga class. I have made huge progress in my balance, core strength and flexibility.
Camey is an extraordinary instructor with compassion and patience regardless of our skill levels. She knows every single one of us by name and truly cares about us.
Thank you, Camey!" - Diane C.

"I've been taking Camey's Gentle Flow Yoga for a few years and it is the nicest thing I've ever done for myself! Camey is a patient, inspiring teacher. After class I feel good about myself because I've worked hard but relaxed at the end of class. 
I'll keep taking this class as long as it's offered." - Diane S. 

"I love taking classes from Camey.  I’ve taken evening classes and they have been so relaxing that once I get home and in bed I fall asleep immediately.  I have many breathing techniques that I use on a regular basis.  Thank you, Camey!"  - Colette