To inspire individuals to consciously choose a more fulfilling life that positively impacts their relationships, performance, physiology and communities.


To provide various systems and tools that lead myself and others to an increased internal awareness and self-empowerment.  To expand awareness of how our responses to external events affect our physiology, relationships and performance.  To help others improve their capacity to self regulate in the moment.  To provide opportunities for like-minded individuals to retreat and restore. To expand the understanding that by living consciously we have the choice and the capacity to live a more empowered and fulfilling life that positively impacts our relationships and our communities.   

Goal as a Mentor

To be a mentor that leads by walking the path of all that I study and that I teach to others. To lead individuals to greater awareness and self-empowerment by improving their capacity to respond to life in a way that empowers them to be their best selves. 

"Personal power is how you live within yourself, not about what you do in the world." - Unknown